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Industry 4.0 impact - it's your turn.

We don't know how you envision the future of industrial production. But we do have a solution that paves the way there, and we would like to introduce it to you: Smart Factory Assembly from Bossard.

Smart Factory Assembly ensures optimal process control, control of tools and traceability of the production steps. The assembly is networked into a uniform process.

The core of digital assembly instructions is the simple breakdown of the assembly process into individual work steps. The system thus assists employees step by step and accompanies them interactively through the process. In addition, all relevant assembly aids and tools for the respective work step can be networked and controlled. The resulting data creates transparency in order to identify potential for optimization and to ensure the traceability of the production data.

SFA webinar illustrationSimply book your preferred appointment for a short personal presentation via video call. This is also an opportunity to talk about the situation in your company - and about the opportunities of a digital transformation. Good news: This service is free of charge for you.

Maximum 60 minutes, which are well invested:

  • Short presentation Smart Factory Assembly - what, how, why. After 30 minutes you can continue.Presentation plus inventory of your initial situation.
  • In 60 minutes, you will learn about the potential of Smart Factory Assembly.

    What you can expect:

    Straight talk. Information about the capabilities, benefits and costs of our Smart Factory Assembly solution. And an assessment of whether the system is suitable for your company. Afterwards, we would be happy to provide: intensive advice on the selection of modules and variants for the digital transformation of your assembly.


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Possible questions for our conversation:

For which companies does the digitalization of production make sense?

Whether you are an SME with 5 assembly workstations or a multinational corporation with hundreds of assembly stations, the scalable range of services offered by Smart Factory Assembly offers a solution in many price and requirement areas.

What are the advantages of digital, interactive assembly instructions?

It accompanies the employees through the entire assembly process, increases process reliability and allows feedback. Processes and work steps are clearly defined and always up to date. Version problems are a thing of the past.

What is meant by the integration of intelligent tools?

Modern assembly tools integrated into the system make the work of the employees easier and provide security. Are all screws tightened? Was the correct torque used? Such intelligent tools can be controlled and parameterized automatically with Smart Factory Assembly.

What options are there for data collection and analysis?

We differentiate between quality and process data. During assembly, data from all process steps are collected and saved. This is data about screwing, riveting, values from test devices, etc., which are recorded in a database. Our system analyzes this data in real time. This allows processes to be assessed and continuously improved.

How do I get started if I choose Smart Factory Assembly?

There are many possibilities because the system can be scaled almost at will. You can start small, for example with the integration of a workstation, and gradually expand the system to a smart factory. Our motto is: Act Fast. Start small. grow smart

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